Grant Park, Chicago

November 8, 2008


Election Night; Chicago
Edited by Jamie Carreiro, Co-edited by Jay Sansone, Graphics by Kohta Asakura

Chicago. Election Night. 2008. The advent of the great rush of “change”, with the triumphant toppling of the ill fated GOP. Grant park was the historical equivalent of the ’68 Demonstrations,  and Times Square New Years Eve, all rolled into one. Chance enough, the November night served up 60 degree weather, perhaps not only a symbol of things to come, but an opportunity for those to show support like never before, in the millions. The streets were full of riots, but not of malice or anger, but of exuberance and an instinctual feeling of hope, that not only seemed right, but righteous.

Grant Park, Chicago.

Grant Park, Chicago.

Presdient Obama

President Obama


Santa Monica

November 5, 2008


Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

On any given night, $30 will get you from West Hollywood to the Pacific ocean. Santa Monica is the west’s answer to the Jersey coast line, without the dirt and dismantled culture.

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

The Wheel

Ferris Wheel

The Pier

Santa Monica Pier