October 10, 2011

Irrational, rational, i don’t know anymore.
Many are college graduates who have debt but no opportunity for jobs. Many are those who lost their jobs, lost their homes, and lost their futures.¬†While ¬†“1%” of our citizens make billions upon billions.
I’m not suggesting class warfare, I’m saying something is wrong. Our system is flawed. It is echoed on the street 10 fold right now. And turning a blind eye is not only dangerous, its inhumane. I think it’s a gross miscalculation for so many to have so little, and so little to have so much. Additionally, banning corporate money in politics,and the rich paying a higher tax rate without loopholes, are worthy and substantial causes in my opinion. And what many people are protesting for.
Ofcourse i’m no anarchist. I’ll photograph the ship while it goes down.